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Located in New York and servicing clients throughout the US and abroad, Advent Valuation Advisors offers focused, professional business valuations, intangible asset appraisals, and financial consulting services aimed at identifying, enhancing and protecting business value. Our professionals, including William Quackenbush, ASA, MCBA, BCA, ABAR, the managing director of the practice, hold the appraisal industry's highest level of professional credentialing and have a wide range of experience resulting from many years of work in their fields. Our valuation assignments have taken us throughout North America and Europe. Our services include:


Business Valuation
Advent Valuation Advisors offers appraisal services that identify, enhance and protect business value. Our services include valuation of equity interests in closely-held companies, professional practices, and partnership interests, as well as intangible asset appraisals.
Forensic Accounting
Advent's network of professionals offer financial and accounting forensic services, such as identifying unreported income, misappropriated cash or reconciling inventory discrepancies. These services are provided either as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with valuation services.
Economic Damages
Advent offers economic damages services for both businesses, usually in terms lost profits or lost value, and for individuals, typically in terms of lost income, wages and/or fringe, health, and/or retirement benefits. Advent has historically worked with both plaintiffs and defendants.
Equipment Appraisal
Advent can provide inspections, inventory analyses, and appraisals of hard assets, ranging from manufacturing equipment, to inventory, to vehicles for various purposes, including supporting loan collateral and covenant requirements, asset dispositions, and transactions.
Appraisal Review
In a litigated business value, a client and/or counsel may retain Advent to ascertain whether the opposition's valuation or damages report is accurate and supportable. It only takes a few errors, omissions or intentional bias to derive a materially erroneous conclusion of value.
Business Planning
Advent's business planning services include the analysis of market opportunities, the development of operating plans, and development of detailed income and cash flow projections. Our planning efforts have helped businesses attain objectives, and acquire debt or equity financing.